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"The heavy riffs complement the softness of the vocals, creating this energetic yet calming emotion while listening. While holding their own with style and sound, if you’re a fan of the metal bands you should give Novarium a listen!"


- Midnight Riot Magazine -

"Check out this east coast band bringing you heavy metal with a female fronted 5 piece throwing hard riffs, wretching screams and soft melodies. They have a great look and sound, and I continue to look forward to hearing more music from this group in the very near future. If it is anything like the current single I have, You can be sure I will be rocking it loud and proud!"


- DJ Rob Chaoz - The Screamers Lounge, Adrenaline 1010 Radio -

"This impressive band has a deep, thunderous, moody and melodic sound...this is a band that needs to be seen live to fully appreciate what they have to offer."


- Kim Allegrezza - AXS Entertainment -


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